Albert the Pomeranian

My friends own 2 adorable tiny dogs. First you have Dewberry, the Chihuahua who was raised in a home with carpet and now that my friends have bought a new home and put in hardwood floors he's petrified to walk on them so they carry him from carpet to carpet. Then there is Albert the Pomeranian. He is super fluffy and after doing some research into Angora rabbits we've come to the conclusion that he must have some Angora in his bloodline. Early in December I knit a few shrugs, one was stolen by my mom, 1 was knit too tight, and a 3rd was knit to short. The tight one when to Lori, the short one went to Carrie, who when she tried it on at home made the discovery that Albert loves wool. He rubbed himself silly on it. So I took a bunch of Burly Spun scrap yarn and knit him a little cloth swatch. This is the result. My favorite part is Dewberry making a play for the cloth and Carrie's laugh at the end.

Happy New Year


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