Citius Altius Fortius

This is serious business.........I thought maybe to calm my pre-cast on knitter jitters I would open a bottle of Chardonnay that I picked up at the store a while ago.
Yes that's blood you see, the cork screw caught me as I was trying to take the cork off of it. However I didn't notice the blood until after I had handled the skein of yarn and had to unwind a couple yards of it, set it on the table while I went to wash my hands, came back to see Quintus smacking his lips, apparently he has a taste for lace weight yarn. I love you Quintus, but if you develop a taste for wool, we're going to have a conversation. So, I would have taken a picture of the ruined yarn but the only way anyone is going to see it is a vet x-ray or tomorrow afternoon and those are two roads I'm not willing to travel tonight.

To add insult to injury, the wine sucked and I dumped it down the drain. Anyway, here I am ready to rock and roll. Started reading through the pattern and decided I'm already screwed but I'll fake it till it makes sense. The upside is that if I royally screw this up I bought 2 extra skeins of the knit picks Gloss Lace because I wanted to make sure that I had enough. As D. would say, typical.

I had to break out the headgear and reading glasses because I couldn't see the stitches that I had cast on.

I dumped the crappy wine and went with my tried and true knitting drink.

Bottoms up Knitters, let the Knitting Olympics begin.

May your yarn knit true

May your stitches stay straight

The colors not pool
The swift not break
We're off to knit
For 17 days
by the time it's done
we'll need another 28 (at the Betty)


Ms. Kimba said…
I also signed up for Yarn Harlots Olympics because hers just seemed...easier? I'm doing a shawl which is going way faster then I had first thought as I never knit one before. To top it off I am only knitting it while I am at work because I thought it would bring a challenge. It looks as though your going for?? I can't make it out in the pic..a shawl?? or something close. :)
Carmen Rigby said…
Unfortunately I have turned my back on yarn momentarily after my own knit Olympics I created at Christmas. Oy Vey! I'm sure my hiatus won't be for long; my cousin is having a baby in 2 months and I have half a romper to create.

Lurve the Guiness! However, if you want a great knitting *wine*, try Moscato. Salut!

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