some people might say.....

that I'm impulsive
my mom says I have all the 'joy' genes in the family
I was voted by my co-workers the 'most likely to go off topic' (which is probably true but it's only because I'm thinking about 4 topics at a time and they all run together....)
That I'm a spur of the moment type of girl and I go where the spirit moves me. Well it's really not so much 'spirit' as it's something shiny or sparkly. It's entirely possible that during the week preceding the So Much Yarn annual inventory sale I lost my freaking mind and have yet to recover the part that manages reason and check book balances. Oh well, it's yarn, as I was saying to my mom, it could be some high end drug, I think the cost would even out to be the same when all is said and done.
Truthfully I feel like I'm in an old western movie and I'm holed up in the local Saloon (for the sake of argument though lets say that the saloon is a yarn shop) So here I am holed up in the local yarn shop in a standoff, armed only with my knitting notions and a size 8 circular needle. What am I surrounded by? Yarn of course. Yarn that taunts me, whispering to me through the swinging doors of the 'yarn shop' saying 'knit me, you know you want to, just do it.' 'Squeeze me, you know you like how tightly I'm twisted, the way I bounce back', 'touch me, I'm softer than the rest of them', 'I'm hand dyed, you can't do better than that' and then the cashmere enters, the standoff ends as I'm smothered in the silky softness of yarn so wonderful you're afraid to knit with it lest you screw it up royally and, gasp, have to cut it and start over.
The yarn is right though, I do want to, I need to, knit it. It's what calms me, focuses me, generates ideas in me, but it's quite possible, that I've crossed the line and will forever be ferred to as "you know Carmel the Crazy Knitting lady? I heard she tied up her husband once with a ball of acrylic from _____________(insert local craft store here) because he suggested that maybe she had too much yarn....." *note: Where I typed 'ball' of acrylic, I almost typed 'skein' and we all know that acrylic, the kind you use to hush your enemies, doesn't come in a 'skein'* Anyway, lets look at what I've done lately that could constitute me going from Carmel who knits beautiful things to Carmel the Crazy (not a bad title but it doesn't exude confidence in people when they first meet me, unless your a Scottish Warrior painted blue going into Battle against the bloody British in which case I'm pretty sure Carmel the Crazy is the one you want on your side)
1. I joined the Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Sox that Rock Club. This means that I'm going to get a new skein of sock yarn plus two patterns, plus some extra doo dads every two months. SWEET! The yarn that I receive is a colorway that won't be released until next year nor will the patterns created for the specific yarn. This was very cool until I flipped over my Yarn Harlot page a day calendar and saw a little tip suggesting what I do in number 2.
2. Go through your sock yarn, pull out 12 skeins, match them up with 12 patterns, put in ziploc bags and kapowie you have your own sock of the month club, for the next 3.5 years. Because I had well beyond 12 skeins of sock yarn. It's quite possibly the best sock yarn collection west of the Cascades. I'm not snobby about it, I buy because a color 'whispers' at me vs. staying loyal to a brand.
3. I have a list that I put into an excel spreadsheet that is so long when I printed it I felt dizzy, of projects that are in progress, waiting to be finished, waiting to be knit, and waiting to find yarn for.
I can honestly say the smartest thing I did this month was decide not to attend the Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat in Tacoma and instead send Marcy with a list and a limit of 4 skeins of sock yarn to purchase. She only found two for me, she did quite well for herself though, it's possible she's passed out in her bed right now with a cool cloth on her forehead trying to remember where she blacked out and came is what she found for me. Valentino and Boysenberry by Blue Moon, excellent! I'll add it to my own personal sock of the month club.
This, pictured below, is a skein of emergency sock yarn, part of my first Sox that Rock Club kit. Drool all you want people this color will be available to you January 2011, until then it's all mine :) and whoever else belongs to the Sox that Rock Club......
This, well this was an impulse by of the worst sort, I went to the 'fabric' store with the intention of buying fabric, not stuff to make 'fabric' well I came home with a pillow round and yarn, no fabric in site. Now it's going to be the Multnomah Shawl by Kate Flagg, you can find it on Ravelry. It's lovely.
So, now it's getting late and I have to go and crawl through the yarn that's next to the bed and pick up the Afghan that I'm working on for a friend, one that I've ripped out twice and actually ripped to the begining and started a whole new pattern, but I'm happy with it now......
Good Night All
if you see wool hanging from me, feel free to pull it off.........


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