It's a commitment thing.........kind of

I make commitments.
I commit to getting my hair done by the same stylist.
I commit to knitting.
I commit to my family
I commit to my husband in marriage and in life in general
I commit to take care of my dogs
I commit to get my face waxed so I at least look coiffed if I don't feel it
but as I was driving home today I was thinking, a commitment has two sides, much like a penny. It's all the same but a little bit different.
I commit to see Elaine and to have her and her alone cut, color, and style my hair, however I can't commit to having it done every six weeks, that seems excessive to me and only when I see a good solid inch of my peppered roots showing do I freak out, call her on the phone begging please can you get me in at your earliest convenience but not before 3:00 because I have to work a full 8 hours in order to pay for it?
I commit to being a contributive member of my family, but how does one do that? I mail them things because I can't see them every day. That being said, I don't mail them things every day and I don't mail the same people things all the time. Sometimes the Sis-in-Law will get a couple Snickers bars because I know she loves them, she does however have to hide them from the youngest off spring because he apparently has an affection for them as well. Sometimes I'll mail the nephews funny little toys and games that I find in the market, maybe I'll send it to their house or maybe I'll send it via Bean so it'll be something they enjoy together. I have even been known to send things to my nephew Rupert, the Coon Hound Sheperd residing somewhere in Mpls and chewing shoes. Heck, last year I mailed a card to my house for my husband because I knew based on our schedule that he would get the mail. Does that contribute to the family? Is it a full commitment? Just because it's not scheduled, and not in person?
I commit to Dale, I commited to spending the rest of my life with him, but not to how we spend our life together. Are we going to do the same thing every day, or instead do we commit to keep mixing it up. I commit to making a good life for the both of us and doing my part to see that we keep moving forward....
I commit to my dogs. They are rescues so they needed a bit more commitment. They also live by their stomach so if I am late feeding them, because of prior commitments, they let me know. Mom's Jack Russel Maggie lets her know as well, mom has the bruises on the forehead where Maggie gives her a good whack. Please know that sleeping is always a prior commitment to feeding 2 dogs who cleary have never missed a meal in the 7 and 5 years that they have lived with us.

I make commitments to my knitting as well. What I don't do is commit to knitting a project to completion because you never know what's going to happen while you are working on it. The yarn could split, making it hard to commit to working with it anymore. It could be varigated more than you thought when you were looking at it and it pools in unsavory ways, and also in unsavory places. It never fails, if I'm working with bobbles or varigated yarns they are always going to form right over the boobs and I don't need to draw attention to those they draw attention all on their own, not to mention I've never met a bobble that I didn't want to flick with my finger and I'd like to do my part in helping humanity fight that urge when I wear a bobbled sweater.
As for my waxing commitment, well I commit to having it done but I've been known to let it go until D gives me a kiss and then complains of whisker burn for the next two days. All I have to say at that point when I call Beth to make an appointment is "it's the Yetti".
What I have discovered I won't do, I can't do, is commint to knitting practically a knee length dk weight stockinette stitch 3/4 set in sleeve sweater, should I venture on to this task I myself may have to be committed and it won't even make the gossip column.
Really people who would you rather read about commiting to a rehab program, a neurotic knitter who likes to flick bobbles in inappropriate places or one more celebrity checking into a sex rehab center?

Here's to hump day (no pun intended for the sex addicts in Hump Group Therapy right now)

May your Guiness be frothy
Your yarn hold true
and dinner not burn in the oven
like mine just did.
because of a prior commitment I have to you.


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