There and back again..........

I know, it's not the most original title and it really has been used before by Bilbo Baggins of the Shire, but it fits, because I have recently returned from a journey of my own with D.
We decided to drive to Arizona..........we thought it through, a lot, and still decided to go with Ghetto Jepetto vs. the big ole jet liner.........I will say this, we saw some interesting things and some not so interesting things. For example the statue on top of the car swigging what I said was Guinness and is probably root beer. While the scenery in Southern Utah is amazing and crazy beautiful, the towns are reminiscent of 'The Hills Have Eyes' therefore I risked a bladder infection and we soldiered on. (no offense to anyone who may live in Southern Utah, like I said, you have a good view) We almost made a wrong turn, actually used a road atlas because GJ does not have a GPS system installed, he doesn't need it, he's like an old horse, put him on the freeway and he brings me home.

I did get a lot of knitting done on multiple projects. Some of you would look at what I brought with me and think I was crazy. Others would ask if I had brought enough. However, once I got there I didn't even knit on what I brought, I bought more yarn and knit something else especially since one of my accesories that I brought was snatched by Mom. That's her looking posh on the balcony at the Spotted Donkey Cantina....Posh because the glasses are mine as well, I did get those back...There are some things I learned on the road trip though and I would like to share them with you.
1. 5:00 a.m. is really freaking early if you're on vacation.
2. My idea of a road trip and D's idea of a road trip vary....widely. I will make stops, he presses on way past when we should have stopped....
3. McCafe drip coffee is suprisingly delicious
4. put enough water in the desert and the results will surprise you
5. if you have to eat fast food while on the road pick a chain that's not local to you it adds that little something extra to the trip.
6. I love Spicy Chocolate Gelato and the only place I know it exists is somewhere in Scottsdale
7. Based on how excited I was whenever we passed fields of Sheep, Goats, and Cows and you could see all the spring babies and all I wanted was to run out and play with them, I think it's safe to say that if I didn't have to exercise a certain amount restraint I would have every freaking farm animal in the book, especially if I could figure out how to keep them babies.
8. When faced with hotel/motel options pay the extra for a chain vs. trying the local favorite. There's a reason they are full, they probably rent by the 1/2 hour. (and that itchy feeling you have while trying to fall asleep, you can tell yourself it's your imagination all you want, bottom line is 60 minutes, Inside Edition, and all the other news shows wouldn't cover that 'what you don't see in your motel room, our cameras take you inside to show you what's going to make you freak out and sleep wrapped in impenatrable plastic next time you're in hawaii' every 2 years)
9. When you are counting on an airplane to bring you and your family together they screw you everytime.
10. There will never be enough time when I am with my family. I will always want and need more.

clearly I've been enjoying too much McCafe....


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