A Conversation.......

On our recent road trip D and I drove through a lot of country side and passed a lot of farms. Farms that had crops and farms that had livestock. The livestock had baby livestock and I wanted nothing more than to get out of the car and go frolick with said baby livestock.

So, withouth further ado, here is the conversation that D and I had regarding my urge to play with the lambs.

Me: Look!!! lambs!! Baby Lambs!! Lets go play with them

D: No

Me: Yes!! I want to, I need to, I must go frolic with the sheep and their babies!!!

D: No you don't

Me: Yes I do

D: No you don't. You think you do but you don't

Me: But I do.....

D: Sheep smell

Me: So do you..........


Ms. Kimba said…
lol..your nuts...so funny
Megan said…
Now that's funny!!

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