Yarn Failure part II, and something about Mr. E Bunny

It must be the time of year...

It started out pretty well. I had four balls wound and then it all went to hell...........for crying out loud, I didn't even get it on the swift and all hell broke loose, that's how fast it happened.

Then only upside is this. Instead of 360 yards like I had last year, it was only 109.......Thank Goodness. I must admit though that at one point I was tempted to leave it as an offering on Marcy's desk in the morning, but then I had a beer and settled down.
Now it can become this.....Emmaline from the latest issue of knitty.
On a side note, Easter went off without a hitch as far as I know, the Family in Arizona had a blast at the Easter Egg Hunt at the club. There is some chatter that my brother may have killed the Easter Bunny when he crossed the road but we're still waiting on confirmation that it was the actually E. Bunny and not some imposter trying to scare the children on the 18th green.
*disclaimer* While my brother did accidentally hit a rabbit with mom's car, it was not the Easter Bunny so if any of you burst into tears at the thought that baskets full of chocolate, yarn, and jelly beans would not appear next year, have no fear, the E. Bunny lives on delivering chocolaty goodness and yarn to all.


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