It's my birthday. I'm not looking for props but I do have an amazon wish list in case any of you are unsure of what I like.......really the range of things I collect are quite vast.
I do however have some birthday advice, especially for those named after a city.
Everytime I hear someone say 'Carmel' I look up and either say yes, excuse me, or hello. If I don't say anything I damn near break my neck whipping it around to see who it is that would like to speak to me. Also, As much fun as it is to be in a place where I can buy souvenirs with my name emblazoned upon them, to wear them, stick them, or carry them with me would open me up to a ridicule I don't think my delicate personality will handle, therefore I will leave it up to D. to wear forth the tee with my name splashed across the back.
Have a wonderful time in Carmel-by-the sea!! Off to Peppoli for a birthday dinner with the best women I know!


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