I used to love, LOVE the first Robin of Spring.....seriously...since I was a young girl I would see the Robin early in the morning and say 'happy spring Mr. Robin Red Breast' and it would make me happy all day long, silly I know but really people it is the little things that make life happy. Well let me tell you this, Robins aren't little, and they aren't the sweet little worm pullers you see early in the morning hopping through your dewy grass looking for grubs, worms, and berries. They are mean, nasty beasts with wings, long sharp pointy beaks, and a mean streak as wide as that happy red breast they sport so proudly......That's right I'm talking about your North American Robin.....the one that makes it impossible to sit on my back deck during glorious spring weather in Seattle because he and his friends keep dive bombing me and the dogs while we soak up our Vitamin D.

I know why they are doing it, I understand they have to protect their young and I'm okay with that, protect, but don't hit my young and don't teach your young to hit my young or I'm going to......well I don't know what I'll do. I'm not an advocate of animal cruelty, even between what do I do you ask? Easy, I call upon Big Stick Ideology....."Speak softly and carry a big stick." By President Theodore Roosevelt...Damn right I carry a big stick....makes for awkward knitting, maybe I'll trade in my circulars for straights for a while.......just for extra ammo.
P.S. don't mock the liquid courage....I for one do not want to turn Alfred Hitchcocks 'The Birds' into a documentary rather than a movie.....
and don't call me Tippi.....


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