best laid plans.......

Are best when the dates on your tickets match the date you've apparently made up in your head....
5:20 a.m. alarm goes off for the first time and snooze is hit. Repeat 3 more times
5:44 a.m. carmel gets her butt out of bed and stumbles into the shower.
6:20 a.m. carmel done with her shower wakes up mom to get in the shower
7:00 a.m. Mom: "what day is it today?"
               Carmel: "Thursday.......why?"
               Mom: "what's the date?"
               Carmel: "the 24th.....why?"
               Mom: "because our reservation at the hotel isn't until the 25th........."
and so the morning goes.....technically we are to check out of the Bastion Ste. Ann and being checking into a hotel in Paris. Except for the 24th we have no hotel in Paris. Whatever, we'll get the train and we'll find somewhere to sleep for one night in Paris.......perfect, nerve wracking but perfect.......except that it's Thursday the 24th and that is the day that the trains decide to strike in Beaune. Tomorrow no strike, today there is a train strike.....I think they just wanted an extra day off.........the adventure continues....and we are currently back in the Bastion for one more night......we already stripped the beds so we've decided we'll crash on the sofas in the garden room.......hopefully mom remembers to close the window so no lizards crawl all over us!
au revoir mon peeps! if you don't hear from us, don't worry, we're lost in Paris, waiting for Don to come find us!!
Don....please come find us...


Ms. Kimba said…
sounds like your having a crazy adventure :)
Carmelknits said…
that's one way to look at's nice having a day where we don't have to pack everything in because we've already done that. :)

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