Thru the door in the wall.........

I am Beaune, France, center of the Cote de Beaune
I am in heaven.
Me, Mom, Wine, Yarn.
Can it get any better? Maybe........but I doubt it.
Above is the door in the Rempart Ste. Jean that leads to the Bastion Ste. Anne, part of the old castle wall in Beaune, also where we are currently staying.
Below you see the entire Cote de Beaune from the Aloxe Corton Appelation.

I'd like to be witty and smart and act like I know what I'm talking about when it comes to this but here is what I know.
there are four Appellations
Village, Regional, Premier Cru, and Grand Cru.
Grand Cru makes up about 2% of the wine in the Cote de Beaune, Premier Cru is very good, and the Regional and Village are also good but not as good as Premier or Grand.
However, mom and I have enjoyed many 'village' appellations and have only sampled a 'Grand Cru'. Se La Vie


Marcy said…
or c'est la vie :)
Anonymous said…
tomato tomahto blah blah blah
marcy said…
Absolutely right. Should just keep my mouth (and fingers) quiet!

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