knitting fear.....

Have you ever committed to a project for someone, something that is going to be special and personal, and you offered to knit it for the person because along with it being months ago, you really want to to give them something amazingly wonderful that they will cherish forever, especially the day they are going to wear it for everyone they love to see? I know I can't be the only one to do this......however I may be the only one who has worked herself into a complete lather over it, knitting on practice yarn and freaking myself out to the point that i am now sufficiently afraid of completely tanking the whole thing, straining family relations for years to come with the embarrassment that I will hoist upon the soon to be new member of our family with this horrid monstronsity that she feels obligated to wear because I made it for her and thus casting me into the black hole of knitting doom forever where I will be forced to knit garter stitch wash clothes and hot pads for all eternity, which when you think about it should make mom happy so, bonus for you mom.
So clearly I've psyched myself out on this thing and just need to stab the monkey on my back with my size 10 needles, take a shot of the wild turkey, and get the damn thing off I go to knit a beautiful lace shawl with lace weight kidsilk haze on size 9 and 10 needles.

p.s. I didn't really have a slug of wild turkey but the bottle of Haymaker made a difference.....

p.p.s I know the bottle I haven't really isn't wild turkey. I could have sworn i had a bottle of that in the pantry but apparently i am either confused or forgot how to read or mr. brown drank it all......he favors the whiskey.

if anyone needs me tonight i'll be silently rocking in the corner fingering the kidsilk haze talking nicely to it so that it does nice things for me and eventually M. (not mom, another M who is joining the clan)


Anonymous said…
Your knitting post are a bright spot in my day...I truly LOL!

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