I basically follow the same routine:
3:55 a.m.: dogs think it's time to get up
4:00 a.m. alarm goes off/hit snooze/then snooze the dogs (when did they learn that the alarm was my signal to move? Pavlov disbelievers....spend a week at my house)
4:20: dogs make it impossible to hit snooze again/ Quintus grabs a toy, Gabby grabs a toy and the parade down the hall begins with a few choice words from me when I step on a toy that was left behind the night before or worse, Quintus is in a mood and instead of grabbing a toy nips a bit to hard on my fingers on the way down the hall.....
4:25 try to open the back door forgetting that our state of the art security system is in place thus jamming it/remove state of the art security/ open door and convince the dogs (gabby and quintus unless some of you thought Quintus is my husbands name and Gabby our love child) that they have to pee.
4:30 prepare what the dogs consider a delicious feast of compressed lamb and rice kibble, soak it a bit since they are getting up there in years, start the coffee, set the timer on the microwave, log on to the computer and wait for the coffee to finish.....
here is where it first goes off the rails. The timer on the microwave is for the dogs food. I soak it for 20 minutes before giving it to them, 15 would suffice but they woke me up before my alarm went off so I get a little revenge, which backfires because while I am sitting here calmly doing my online farming they are howling, growling, stomping their feet, being a regular pain in the arse for 20 minutes. The worst part is that my coffee maker beeps when the pot is ready so it creates a false sense of excitement for them, a beep whether it's one or 3 (microwave) equals kibble hitting the floor and their bellies almost simultaneously.
Between 4:45 and 6:00 it's the usual preparations getting ready for work, (i won't bore you with the details of that routine because it hasn't changed in 10 years), let the dogs out again even though they fake it and I'm on to them but I let them think they've fooled me and off to work I go.
6:00-6:30 stop for coffee, then proceed to miss the perfect traffic window and hit random slow downs on I-5, eventually I pull into the parking garage, working my way down into the bowels of it, take the elevator to the fourth floor, clock in, make my way down the hall, get in the elevator and hit the button for the first floor.........Every single day......
I work on the 3 floor.
Happy Thursday.


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