My weekend (so far) in pictures.......

D and I went kayaking yesterday on Camano Island where his mom lives. We have a lot to learn about tides and timiming. When we arrived the tied had peaked and was on it's way out...therefore our kayaking time was shortened by the fact that we did not want to trip the light fantastic across the mud time we'll know better.

I have much to learn about correct sunblock application when it is a spray on sunblock. Clearly I did not achieve proper coverage. Don't worry though, it doesn't hurt, just looks stupid.

D and I just finished breakfast at our favorite local greasy spoon. I love the fact that they serve your coffee on a paper doilie. I don't know why but it fancies up the crappy coffee and makes it worth drinking.

and we are officially within spitting distance of binding this wrap off the needles......phew!


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