why I should always write down what I do.......

..........I should know better than to blindly pick up stitches for one sleeve, power through it and come out the other end with what appears to be a perfect sleeve. Perfect in every way. It's fitted and it's long enough for me to pull to my fingers but won't ride up past my wrists. (I really hate sleeves that stop right at my wrists)
For whatever reason I didn't write down how many stitches I picked up for the perfect sleeve. This would have been a smart move, it would have been a brilliant move and based on how fast a project can go sour for me when I make a stupid mistake, lets all take a moment to remember the pink cable vest from a couple years ago and what a disaster of pain, hurt feelings, angst and dust, that became, lets reflect on that while I tell you that I screwed up. Screwed being the safe word to use on a public blog, my favorite F word being the one I actually used. The second sleeve turned out to be the fat cousin to the perfect sleeve, which while not petite, has better shapes and curves than the big blob that grew to form the second sleeve. I knew I was in trouble when I looked down and noticed that big chubby had just consumed about 100 yards of yarn and I was technically not even half way through.......I gave it the benefit of the doubt, maybe I was being lax on how much yarn I was feeding it and it was just being greedy.....nope. I counted the decreases on Ms. Perfect left sleeve and realized that I had indeed created a monster sleeve for the fat cousin right sleeve by giving it 8 extra stitches to feast on when I first picked them up......Out came the needles in perfect harmony with the 'F' word and few other choice words and I ripped and ripped....like lipo for knitting..now in the past I would be known to put it down and take a break for a year or two, but I'm trying to turn over a new leaf in that arena, plus I'm really excited about this beast I call yarn pig. I picked up the correct number of stitches and hopefully will have a perfect twin for the left sleeve instead of the fat cousin........

Yarn pig is actually The Bridesmaid Wrap from the book Wedding Knits by Suss Cousin.

I took this picture while working at the yarn shop yesterday......kind of makes you want to just run around naked doesn't it? (just lock the door first and don't tell Lauren)


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