I know you're naked but...........

5:00 a.m. is early for most people in the world. 4:00 a.m. is absurd but there I am up with the dogs and getting ready to start my day..........
Let them out, feed them, drink some coffe, let them out again, and then begin my routine.
Into the bathroom
warm up the shower
take my hair down and brush it out
strip naked
turn to get into the shower
The difference today was that as I turned to jump in the shower the bathroom door opened just a tiny bit and what should appear........Gabby's ball and her standing on the otherside looking expectantly at me and it urging me to roll it back......
see, that's the beauty of dogs they don't care if you're naked, or even how you look naked, as long as you roll that damn ball back.
Don't worry.....I didn't take a photo


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