1. It appears that I have caught another cold....I know this because I sucking on a cough drop and it doesn't taste bad...sure sign that I am sick
2. Gabby killed my Happy Hippo which is actually a blessing in disguise because everytime she squeezed it you would either hear the roar of the hippo (which was weird) or "hi, i'm happy hippo" which made the rest of us not so happy.
3. I brought my fingerless mitts that I am working on to give to my morning barista but discovered that I didn't bring the extra needle to use to actually knit it with.
4. A sweater I bought last week is pilling like crazy and I have little grey fuzzballs blowing all around me leaving a trail.
5. christmas is 3 weeks away and I have yet to find one thing to give anyone except for Kim
6. It's monday and that kind of explains everything


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