Tip #1

If you are on the receiving end of a hand knit item and you are in the vicinity of the knitter/giver, the highest level of thanks you can give is to put it on immediately......unless indecent exposure laws state otherwise.

on the left are the mitts I made for Shanna. They are perfect in every way and I love them probably as much as she does....Below are the mitts I made for my barista Liz who makes me delicious coffee every day and sends me off to work with a smile.
Happy Hump Day

(indecent exposure laws apply here too, hump safely but privately, unless your a dog then go nuts)


ana said…
found your blog recently & love it. :) these mitts came out wonderfully!
carmel said…
AWWW Thank you so much!! They are fun to make....I'll link to the free pattern!

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