blah blah blah and a happy new year to you too.......

It's officially January 5th....I know this for many reasons along with the fact that i have at least 4 calendars on  my desk of different varieties all screaming the date at me and reminding me that I have yet to post a new entry for 2011.....well I've been busy and while that's no excuse to ignore all of you, that's the story I'm sticking with.
We arrived home from snowy Minnesota on the 28th and I woke up in the morning to see.....snow not the least bit exciting for me, but there it was. Then it was work work work to close the year at the office, 3 day weekend begining with celebrating Christmas with the MIL and then watching a stunning football game....that's right folks, the Seattle Seahawks are in the playoffs....I think as many people stood and cheered as passed out when the game was over Sunday, I just happened to sit in a seat on the train home that someone had peed in.......we'll leave that story alone, I sat in pee, it was gross, i showered, wiped down with alcohol (after taking a swig of it) and moved on.......Have I been knitting? Bet your knit thong I've been knitting. I've been in a frenzy, not only did I knit about 20 super bulky hats over Christmas, I've started my year of sweaters. I've chosen 7 and one of them I am going to knit twice, one for me one for mom. The list in the current order is as follows......
Cassis by Thea Coleman
Breakwater by Cecily Glowik McDonald
Aidez by Cirilia Rose
Cloudy Sunday by Hilary Smith Callis
Solstice by Cecily Glowik McDonald
Green is the New Black by Tesia Walker
and the wrap up 2011 in style
Dark and Stormy by Thea Coleman
All patterns can be found on Ravelry for purchase.
Aidez was a free pattern by Berroco........... my LYS is having a sale starting this Saturday, as an employee I not only get to pick a day before the sale to do my sale shopping, I get 50% off, add to that little equation a hefty gift card from my mom for Christmas and we can safely say that all the yarn for the sweaters listed above has been purchased.....WOOHOO.....lets also add to the knitting list that I have a pile of things to finish, a sweater to knit as payment to my friends husband, a couple pairs of socks, baby items, hats, and a few toys just because, and I've learned how to crochet a granny square so be prepared for the mondo granny square blanket to appear later this year...
I don't do resolutions because it makes me feel like what I've done before was bad and now I need to be better.......However, I do revise my LifeLong 'To Do' list every January and I need to do that this week sometime...I'm also fascinated with all the new year body detox plans that start showing up in my email from the healthy living websites i subscribe too, i'm just fascinated by the idea of doing one but at the same time i'm afraid of being in the wrong place at the wrong time when a. I pass out from drinking celery water for five days and sucking on the end of a burdock root to improve liver function (which after a year of solid alcohol consumption my liver would thank me for) and b. having the 'detox' kick in at the worst possible moment like standing in line to renew your drivers license knowing that the person standing behind you would never hold your place and you'd have to take another number that will never be called.....ever
Chin up it's 2011
Knit, Eat, Love
(that would make a great movie.........)


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Your too cute!

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