A hat, A Quote, and maybe a Joke.....

First....the Hat.....Thelia designed by Kim Delacruz who I've become friends with over the past year and who I adore as a person as well as a designer and lucky me, she occasionally will ask me to test something fabulous like this hat.....the hat is posted for purchase and you can get the link here....I used Cascade 128 chunky superwash and a size 10.5 needle. However, since I have a head the size of a jellybelly on steroids I need to make my next one just a little bit longer. I spoke with Kim this morning and she said that she extended the ribbing on her second one almost double and that did the trick.
The quote of the day that showed up in my email inbox from RealSimple.com was this:
“She’s got this real funny idea about a diet: you don’t get fat if no one sees you eating.”

― Gloria Naylor
The Joke Portion of today's email comes in the form of my new desk calendar for 2011, given to me by my friend/co-worker Marcy....I love it, so far only one has made me blush....but I secretly have prudish tendencies....wanna know what they are?

"Madness takes it's toll - Exact change please."
" If you need me, I'll be in my office screaming" sadly this isn't an unsual occurence.....it's usually coupled with some banging on my desk.
"Turns out I'm a social drinker......I just happen to be REALLY social" - I took a snapshot of this and did a little photo editing on with a splendid picture of mom, however because I vaulue my life and know that when provoked she grows 10 feet tall and shoots daggers from her eyes, I will abstain from sending it out, I emailed it to a few key people already and that's good enough.

One more thing to keep in your thoughts today.......Maryc's sister Carrie is recovering from not only a bilateral mastectomy last week,  but a very long reconstrutive surgery that took place this past Tuesday. They had some complications during the procedure and she was in surgery much longer than expected. The good news is she's awake, she's talking, and she has a new set of knockers.......Her family is in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you'll keep them in yours.....and while you do it give that little Pink Ribbon a click and help fund mammograms for everyone.
Happy Friday
Feel your Boobies
Imagine a world where we don't have to lop them off anymore.


Marcy said…
Thank You!

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