Stealthy is Not His Middle Name......

Mr. Brown has a routine and it's the same 7 days a week.
3 minutes before my alarm is to go off he comes over and sniffs my face, which results in my telling him to go lay back down.
Alarm goes off......I hit snooze
1 minute before snoozed alarm goes off, *sniff sniff sniff* with a few grunts thrown in for good measure.
So I get up, Gabby gets up, and Mr. Brown is at the ready. He has his bone in his mouth, Gabby has whatever animal she took to bed with her the night before and we all head down to the kitchen with a quick stop at the top of the stairs so Gabby can stretch and get a pat on the head, and Mr. Brown can get a scratch on the butt and a grab of his muzzle...........Out the door they go, the come racing back in, Gabby supervises the serving of the kibble watching each cupful as it dumps into the bowl at the ready to catch any strays, and it's at this point that Quintus goes downstairs to check for a snack of his own.......See Dale leaves a paper towel in the cuphold of his theatre chairs each night and every morning Mr. Brown goes downstairs and eats he left evidence that he was there.....


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