is it a sign....

That I've entered a new stage in life where my conversation with my mom right now consisted of her telling me about the dogs peeing everywhere and me telling her that I had a lot to tell her but couldn't remember what, and that I'm saving the Ice Wine she gave me till we have our good friends over for dinner but for the life of me I couldn't remember their names........I do now but the conversation is over, so I'm wondering, is this how it's going to be? am I screwed? Have I knit my brain into a state of complete complexity that I can't remember simple things like the names of a couple who we not only attended many footballs games with but have had dinner with many many times?
Mom says that I have to serve the Ice Wine when we have company because I can't drink the whole bottle myself.........
wanna bet?
happy friday

Mom, I won't drink the whole bottle myself I promise.


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