just around the corner..........

Turn the bend too quickly and we might miss it.....March is looming upon us and with it the promise of spring. Daffodils are starting to pop up all over the neighborhood, the tulips are making their way up as well....I have one Pansy that has held on thru the entire winter gamely in my porch flower box and while I continue to knit on wool and warm things for babies and adults alike my thoughts start drifting towards the spring pattern collection that are showing up all over the place.......all that being said..........
It's been snowing off and on for two days here.
I'm pretty sure that my Pansy has drawn it's last breath as it was buried in yet another pile of snow
I have no faith that the daffodils in my yard will bloom (it's possible that I forgot to plant the bulbs but for now I'll blame mother nature and squirrels if they don't come up)
it's a balmy 23 degrees farenheit outside today
My Sweet Vermouth can't get done fast enough.


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