the stats...............

My knitting stats according to what I learned on Ravelry today......
I have marked 2,808 patterns as a favorite
I marked 512 projects knit by others as a favorite
I have 'liked' 90 designers
My top five favorites are:
shawls - 241
Cardigans - 128
Toys - 115
Baby knits - 97
Hats - 83
There is also a slew of items that I have marked as a favorite but failed to 'tag' with an identifier - 2,142
I have downloaded 749 free PDF files to my Ravelry library
Logged 34 books, 26 magazines, and 7 booklets
I have friended 139 people, including quite a few of the 90 designers I faved.
I have purchased 19 patterns thru Ravelry
I have logged 148 projects
I have 5 works in progress
I have finished 115 items

*all numbers are subject to change on an hourly basis but this count is accurate as of 12:00 p.m. Today......


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