it is Thursday right? I feel like I have had one of those weeks where it's gone on longer than it should and there is no end in site.....possibly because I spent 2.5 hours of it sitting at the car dealership service department waiting for Ghetto Jepeto's window to be was over $400.00 for that little bit alone so I think my campaign to convince D that it's time for a new car is going to have to take a back burner for a while......especially since GJ still runs great and we have an understanding.....and the receptionist at the car dealership is entertaining. The big positive of the 2.5 hours is that I got some quality knitting done on a very long I-cord and thus finished off baby present #1. I am in a debate as I'd I want to do the matching hat or find another hat pattern to use with the same yarn but we'll the mean time I started a baby shrug for Little Elaina that is moving along quite well and I have some sleeves to finish for Miss Frances and then at one can go out into the mail as well.....maybe the service department will let me just sit in their waiting room for a is very conducive to boring knitting like long sleeves and since baby gift #1 is indeed a gift and I am not sure if RacerGirl, the mom to be, reads my blog for sure I will have to post a photo after she receives the the buttons haven't arrived so.... I found the buttons on Etsy and you can view the shop here

I am using my iPad for this so if that link is funny then I will fix it later......well it's almost five and instead of being ahead of the game like I was half an hour ago I am now verging on being late..........
Have a great day
Here is my quote of the week:

"There comes a moment when you realize that you don't have a huge yarn stash but more of a collection of dreams and ideas that will someday reach their potential when you find the perfect pattern to turn them into....and having said that I will continue to buy yarn".....Carmel

(I am typing this on my iPad so if that link is funny I will fix it later.....


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