Glancing through my day planner and I've discovered a few things..........1) I actually remembered to write stuff in it before it happens instead of filling it in after it happens, 2) I have things happening all weekend starting tonight.
 - Open House Fund Raiser at my friends house where I will probably spend gobs of money on Pottery and such to fund a girls home in Cambodia.
 - Tomorrow afternoon/night consists of celebrating the MIL's birthday all the way up in Anacortes
 - Sunday is the baby shower for Mindy, I can't wait for her to see the secret gift, well and the monkey sweater which is complete now......The baby blanket will be done when Damien is done cooking.........
All that being said a few interesting, mortifying and exciting things have happened this week.
1. I went to the bathroom at work and didn't realize till I plopped down on the toilet seat that I had failed to shut the stall door behind me (horrified that someone would walk in I did the 'pants around my knees shuffle' and slammed it shut)
2. realized that i had walked around for a good 2-3 hours with my fly open wondering why all my friends didn't tell me........I'm wearing white underwear, when a fly is open it's like a light house beacon shining thru.
3. Alana Dasko of Never Not Kntting emailed me this week asking me to knit some samples of her stuff for some upcoming events..........I am so excited I could cartwheel down the street! I am not sure what I will be knitting but I've always loved her patterns so I'm sure it's all going to be lovely! So in the spirit of knitting for another I've purchased a slew of her patterns so I could familiarize myself with her pattern writing style and what I've seen so far it's just downright perfect.

Stay Tuned
and please if you see someones lighthouse shining tell them to zip it...........


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