en route........

look mom! I do make the bed now :)

That's what I'm told. The yarn from Red Barn Yarn in Pasadena is en route to me as we type/read. I'm terribyly excited and nervous at the same time. I have faith in my abilities as a knitter but I also believe that when I get nervous I become a spaz and risk screwing it all up in the process. For example, when D and I went out on our first date I was a spaz and in turn made him nervous and I came across as a neurotic freak, I don't think he called me again for 6 months. Then we went out again and again, spaz, didn't speak for a couple months after that.......so I have a history of nervous energy turning me into a spaz. The only pattern that is really making me rethink my abilities as a capable knitter is the shawl collared cowl. Catherine is sending two different colorways to use and has a specific idea how she wants it to end so I believe I'll start with that one first in order to get it right. The hats I'm not so worried about...........I am also developing a weird hot spot on my ear lobe...........probably not related to the knitting. Like I said, the yarn is en route and until it arrives I have my Multnomah Shawl to work on and keep me happy....Plus I have to finish Damien's big bad baby blanket he'll be here soon :)
Happy Wednesday
May your day be bright and full of high jinx!


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