it's time...........

Contact has been made.
Selections given.
I have 2 days to get my thoughts and needles in order.
When the package arrives from Red Barn Yarn with the patterns from Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting I need to be in top knitterly form.............I contacted Alana a couple months ago offering my services as a test knitter, she contacted me a few weeks ago asking 1. if I was still interested (YES!) and 2. Would I knit up some samples for a show. (YES YES YES)
The show is TNNA (this is where my heart started pounding, i've never been but i know it's huge)
The samples need to be back at Red Barn Yarn by May 15th
Of the 5 patterns offered up to choose from I chose three............(this is where my head started spinning and I laid down on my office floor)
I chose:
Shawl Collared Cowl in the photo is the writer of the blog Knitted Bliss a blog I follow and love! Go back in her archives a few months and follow her seven days of hot chocolate series it was amazing. I'm loving cowls right now anyway because they are super functional, You can wear them with your winter coat or you can toss it on as you walk out the door with just a tee and jeans and it still looks great, not like the time I walked out the door in flip flops, jeans, tee, and my uber chunky cabled scarf. I was definitley doing it more for style than function but I probably could have chosen a not so 'this belongs in northern Minnesota during a blizzard' scarf.....whatever I haven't worn flip-flops with that scarf since the old lady told me it wasn't memorial day and I shouldn't expose my toes till after that date.......I'm going to review those rules later.

Autumn Vines Hat It's wonderful looking isn't it? So much texture to keep the pattern moving and interesting, I'm excited about this one, really excited
the third one I chose was this;

Seedling Hat This one looks perfect for spring......because lets all be honest....most of the blogs I am following right now are talking about yet another snow fall and here in the Pacific Northwest we hit 64 yesterday but that was after it was 36 degrees when I left the house in the morning. To me this looks like the perfect transitional hat into the spring months ahead when it's still chilly in the morning and evening, plus the embossed looking leaves on the side are fetching and I am smitten with them......

So between now and May 5 this is what I will be working on and I couldn't be happier!


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