The TV series. I never watched it when it was on the air and somehow D convinced me that I need to watch it because I would love it. LOVE. IT. Well the first time around I didn't. I couldn't keep up with what was going on, it made me angry, and confused and I couldn't follow it, till the last season in which it all comes together and I vowed to watch the whole series again and maybe this time I'd get it.
Well I get it this time, I understand why everyone loved it, I like it, but I think I've seen too much of it because now at night after I watch an episode or four while knitting, I go to sleep and all my dreams have this 'trapped on an island with 40 other people trying to survive some unknown (smoke monster) threat with a heavy dose of Lord of the Flies and I'm the Queen trying to do FUN things with Jack the resident doctor/hottie'
I understand the Queen thing, because I'm pretty sure in the dreams I've knit myself a crown, is just something that I dream about always and just superimposed on my LOST dreams.
I wake up exhausted and sometimes wanting a cigarette.

happy tuesday


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