Moving Forward..........

For some of you this won't come as a big surprise for others it may. For over a year I've worked as a shop girl at my LYS (Local Yarn Store) which I've loved, but as with any good thing it must come to an end. I was getting frayed at the edges with only one day off a week seeing as I have a 9-5 Mon-Fri. It's never an easy decision to make because I worked for a friend and I didn't want to hurt her feelings by leaving. Well fate dealt me a hand I couldn't turn down. My friend sold the shop and while the offer was made for me to stay I took it as divine intervention. The time to change was now. Not only are fuel prices hitting a high mark, and racing seasoning is fast approaching, It's spring and as I look out my front window at my winter sodden yard, and the greenery starting push thru, (more of the weed variety I might add) I'm driven with an urge to get out there and's okay mom, I really said that and you can get back in your seat now. She's laughing at me from her warm surroundings because back in the day no manner of bribery, money, pleading or grounding could get my bum out into the yard to work.......but as I roughly trip thru the process of getting older (I saw the roots of my hair today and the signs are there, time for a touch up) I feel the need to see what I can do in my yard, what can I make grow, and how do I kill the stuff I don't want to grow. It's exciting and a new sense of release can be felt. I will miss the Sunday ladies that I've come to look forward to seeing and was touched by their disappointment that I wouldn't be a regular anymore but there is an upside, I live in the Pacific Northwest and on days when it rains I will schlep down to Seattle and spend a lovely Sunday afternoon knitting and tripping through the market.
The biggest plus for having a full 2 day weekend is time at home with my husband and dogs.....
Now, I have one more week to make the most of my shop discount!
Happy day!


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