Despite the deluge of rain, snow, sleet, hail, thunder and lightening Spring has arrived in the Pacific Northwest, however, as seasoned as I am to living here even I am finding it hard to be pleasant lately because the weather has been so crappy......However I know it's spring because flowers are blooming, dogs are shedding, and I was in bed at 7:30 the other night while it was still light outside. The other day while I was sitting and knitting on the Autumn Vines Beret sample for Red Barn Yarn i glanced at the Orchid my mom had given me last year.........I've never had luck keeping things alive in my house except for a handful of cacti and one plant that i water when I see it drooping......the Orchid was watered when I would remember to water the cacti family so you can imagine my surprise when I saw these..........Little buds getting ready to bloom! Well inspite of the horrifying weather I managed to get out into my front garden and raked up most of the detritus from over the winter which gave me a good idea of what lays ahead for me and I am itching to get tog it.....Where I had thought the neighbors gardener had killed my hydrangea bush, he didn't, and when I thought for sure the Lily I had randomly planted at the point of my garden was never to bloom again, I saw it's shoots coming up yesterday after Dale threw his coffee remnants on it and I almost swooned thinking he killed it. Then, as I was walking up the steps the other day, what should catch my eye but my Bleeding Heart has not only shot up some shoots already but has already produced some little heart flowers to prove that while I'm far from a green thumb, I'm not nearly the gardening rube that I thought........As soon as Dad's knee recovers from his surgery he and I are going to split out some of his Hosta and install it in my yard......How exciting :)


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