Happy Hour Knitting.........

Quintus in the future container garden area

As we are teased with hints of spring here in the Pacific Northwest I have been inspired not only to create in my garden but to create an outdoor space where I can knit and enjoy my yard at the same time......if a cocktail appears once in a while well, we'll call that Happy Hour.
I had all the things needed to create the space, just not the vision, that is not until yesterday when I went outside on my tri-level deck and cleaned the detritus of two of the levels. Moved my patio dining set back, set my two adirondack chairs facing towards my cherry trees that are still blooming thank you very much, and moved the grill. the highest level of the deck is where I am going to create my container garden. I have decided to try different vegetables in containers as well as planting containers of flower to encourage pollination.....I've should mention that I've been listening to gardening podcasts that have given me some great ideas Oooh La La. (that last phrase should give some of you a hint as to who I've been listening to, hahaha)
So yestereday, I got it cleaned up, set up and I promptly pulled a beer from the tap in the basement, sat down and cranked out a few rounds of knitting on Grady's hat. Grady is my mom's friend and in the spring, summer, and fall he cruises around the lake in a Vintage Lobster Boat, thus I decided that he should have a Watch Cap that are a favorite among men of the sea. I can see him now cruising around in his lobster boat sporting this manly hat in a blue black tweed late into the fall. Of course it's classic style also allows for it to go from Lobster Boat to a Night on the Town, in it's stylish colors and no-nonsense design.  

knitting central

Grady's Watch Cap......


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