the past few days........

I have been busy and not in the knitterly world of busy that I should have been........Friday felt like the worst day of my cold so I can home, sat in the sun and knit on my little red hat that I am making to wear at the race track. The dogs harassed me and I have the wounds to prove it. Dale and I went out for Sushi which is always delicious then we hooked up with his brothers family for ice cream after running to the home improvement box store to buy some of the supplies required for my Garbage Can Potato Garden.
This is very exciting and you can find out about it here.

Saturday came early and bright, ran errands in the morning, hit the local garden center for potato starts, then home to plant my flower boxes, and then D and I did the first step of the potatoes......the rest of the weekend is a blur which goes like this......

T-ball game to watch my 4 year old nephew play, if you've never caught a 4 year old t-ball game I highly recommend it for the comic genius that it is.

Following that was dinner with my brother-in-laws family and my in-laws.
Monkey (my nephew) decided to ride with us and I learned a great deal of information about Ninjas followed by a heavy sigh of disappointment upon discover that we do not have an in-car entertainment center. We borrowed my BIL's pressure washer and the whole family watched while D and his brother pressure washed the moss covered Sunday we get to do the deck.....Sunday being Easter we drove down to see my dad and how his knee was doing, which is great, PT did a number on him, not great, then we came home, took care of the dogs, then up to the MIL's for ham dinner.......and where Monkey received his 3rd Easter basket and where I promptley stole one of his Cadbury Creme Eggs.......I love them and I am not ashamed that I stole one, only one from Monkey, he'll never miss it.


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