The yarn for my sample knitting arrived yesterday! I of course ripped the box open, looked at all of it, and before I knew it the swift and winded were out and this lovely green for seedling was being made into my yarn cake! So far so good. Right now we've made a stop at a Starbucks after buying opening night tickets to the Mariners and I thought I would take advantage of the free Wi-fi to show ya'll a picture. Since I get paid in yarn I am thinking I want just a lot of this green right here!
So we are off back home in 2 minutes to do laundry, bake pumpkin bread and work on seedling and hopefully finish a good bit of this hat…
happy Sunday!
7 years ago when our first boxer Baily was alive her, D and I planted some daffodils. They don't come up every year and most years it's just one flower that blooms but yesterday I looked out my kitchen window and there were two they just magically appeared. It's little things like this that make each day special.


Hanswife said…
lovely color, flowers blooming, yarn knitting and good coffee sounds like a dream

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