Stunned Stupid.......

As I was walking thru my house last night I glanced at my yarn stash.
It's no secret that I have a HUGE stash. Not only huge but it has a nice variety of fibers, gauge, and color. I glance at it a lot, it's hard not too, it practically slaps me on my butt everytime I walk by's possible I've gone round the bend when it comes to yarn buying.
Here is a typical conversation when someone comes to my house for the first time.....

"wow, you have a lot of yarn, are you going to make something out of it all?"
"Do you think you have too much yarn?"
"how come you don't knit a project and finish it, then go buy yarn for your next project?"
*head spinning off my shoulders as I get light headed at the thought*
"Because, that's crazy..........."
"No, crazy is staring you right in the face"
"and keeping your head warm"

Never question the knitter from whom you've received knitted goodness, that well can dry up very quickly when the wool is rubbed the wrong way.


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