Will Knit for Beer and other deliciousness......

Lots of people use props to display their knitterly goods, well really to display all their goods if truth be told but for now we'll just focus on knitting.......I've been noticing more and more the amount of detail that people go into photographing their knitting for all the world to see....some of it makes me wonder if instead of knitting the wool some of them have tried smoking it and then there are others that are shot so well you immediately purchase the pattern before even realizing that it's way beyond anything you'll ever be able to do as far as skill goes and really you just dropped six bucks to look at the picture.....I've even gone so far sometimes to save a photo of someones knitting and used it as my desktop wallpaper.......that's when people think that I've been 'smoking the wool'...........I do however follow the horde and I have props that I use to photograph my knitting even though they don't always make it onto Ravelry or here on this blog.......I have a sheep with no name and I have Tobias.....the stuffed toy I made and named after Toby Ziegler from the West Wing Series.....Tobias enjoys knitterly book signings (he was finished at a signing by the Yarn Harlot), artificial light, he's a collector of flare, and if you let him tell you jokes all he'll say is that he's full of beans.....Literally full of beans, I had nothing else to stuff him with when I finished him so instead of bean soup that weekend I stuffed him full! I decided not to give him arms, not quite sure why, but there you have it....He hangs out in my office with my plants, George and Henri, enjoying the artificial light and my endless stream of news/political podcasts with a heavy dose of Garrison Keeler and the Vinyll Cafe......He has been used countless times to help me hold something up wth nary a complaint...........so without further adieu I give you Tobias and The Sheep with no Name......
Not only will Tobias knit for beer (he uses his feet, he's very advanced) I will also knit for beer, wine, vodka, Gin & Tonic........HAHAHA

happy thursday!


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