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 Multnomah Shawl
This Shawl was designed by Kate Elsa and she blogs here this is also where you can find the FREE pattern to knit this shawl!
It's not the first one I've knit nor do I suspect it'll be the last, wanna know why? I knew you did, so I'm going to tell you.
1. it's relaxing. for a good portion of it you are knitting garter stitch which is like a little knitting vacation. I used to hate gater stitch, but recently I find myself enjoying the ease of it, the texture of it and if you have a nice yarn it looks lovely in it.
2. if you've been nervous about knitting a triangular shawl as well as lace this is the pattern for you. It teaches the basics of the triangle as well as a nice easy feather and fan lace pattern. Super. Easy. Lace.
3. shawls are not finicky like a sweater. You can knit a shawl in lace weight or worsted weight (don't want to state the obvious but if you do a lace shawl in worsted weight make sure you adjust your needle size....) If you did a sweater that calls for Worsted Weight but decided you wanted it in lace weight and not only didn't adjust needle size or stitch count you would end up with a sweater that would probably fit a barbie doll and your other knitting friends would ask to see the level on the bottle of vodka........mine would.
4. I have knit this shawl in DK weight, Worsted Weight, and now Fingering Weight which the pattern actually calls for, my adjustment however was on the fingering weight I used a size 6 needle and not a size three.......

so there you go......if you've been nervous about knitting a lace triangular shawl then you should get over yourself and go nuts on Multnomah. It's a perfect piece for stepping off that ledge.


Carmelknits said…
Please excuse the typo in the title i'm only halfway thru my morning coffee :)
Kelly said…
It's beautiful! And ditto on the coffee.

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