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I'm a little perturbed at the moment. I am typically very good at reading the yarn label to find out fiber content, gauge, and most importantly, yardage. I'm so good at it that the information trips off my tongue without missing a beat when I'm asked about a certain now I look like an idiot. The yarn is Cascade 220 Sport. The little sister to my go-to Cascade 220. Both 100 Percent Peruvian Wool, both made by Cascade, and since the 220 is in the title of both I assumed they both had 220 yards. They don't. I can't tell you how disappointed this makes me. I assumed that because the Cascade 220 Sport said '220' in the name that it indeed had 220 yards. Guess what? It doesn't, it only has 164 yards! NOW I don't have enough yarn to finish the hat I just cast on for, UGGHHH!!! However I do know where I can get my hands on another skein of it and be almost 100% sure that it's the same's going to require some serious begging but a knitters gotta do what a knitters gotta do....
So here are the stats of what I cast on:
Pattern: Autumn Vines Beret
Designer: Alana Dakos
Yarn: MEH!!!! (Cascade 164 Sport)
Colorway: Teal

Saying so many bad words in my head right many


Kelly said…
So sorry! What a pain. Maybe I'm seeing things backwards, but I'd expect sportweight yarn to have more than 220 yards... right?

I typically go by weight instead of's easier for me to multiply by 50 to get the number of balls I need, and sometimes I grab an extra just to be on the safe side. Helps with stash attainment, too.

Kelly @ Creating a Family Home &
Carmelknits said…
I am notorious for buying an extra skein which is even more baffling to me....and you are correct a sport weight should have more yardage and I sit with a hat that with the first 7 rows is enough work to make you think twice before ripping it out :) Thank goodness my friend has an extra skein that I gave her so it's the same lot :)
Sazji said…
Hehe I also often buy extra skeins, because a lot of the really nice yarn I can get here is export yarn made by local companies, not regularly available. More often than not, I end up with more than I need, (a serious stash-builder) but it's better than running out an inch before the toe of a seriously-patterned sock. And having extra yarn to give away as presents (because yarn is notoriously cheap here) enables me to be an enabler to others too!

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