Finished Object 1 of 3

Pattern: Autumn Vines Beret
Designer: Alana Dakos
Yarn: Red Barn Yarn 100% Alpaca
Happy Meter: Full
This is my favorite of the 3 samples I was asked by Red Barn Yarn to knit and I am sad to see it go, but go it must and today is the day that they will all head out into the world of yarn sales with Red Barn Yarn. I hope I did them right, I hope that Catherine is happy with the results. I have some trepidation about it but I also have a bit of an over-active imagination (in case you didn't know)....So I will stop by the post office today on my way home, send these on their way back to where the yarn started and hope that they are all that Catherine hoped they would be.
About the design, well what can I say but it's perfection. Alana puts a lot of thought and you can tell, work, into making sure that her designs are error free and easy to understand. I suggest that you have a certain level of skill before knitting this but I believe that the way this is written anyone can have success as well as a beautiful beret at the end. I have more patterns of Alana's to knit but they are for personal consumption and while I've enjoyed my foray into sample knitting, I'm itching to knit for me, my family, my friends, and possibly strangers, because what I've missed is seeing the joy on peoples face when I hand off a hand knit item. I miss the joy on my face when I finish something I love and immediately slap it on, and the laughter when D comes to bed at night and finds me asleep, knitting needles in hand because I so love what I am working on that I can't stop till sleep takes over........
If you do take the leap to make this hat and I think you should, you will learn some new skills. The cast on is different and Jimmy Beans Wool did a video on how to do it, you can find the video here.
My biggest piece of knitting advice is this, Google is your friend, YouTube is your friend, you will learn all manner of instructions when you Google........If that doesn't work, hit Ravelry, message the designer, more often than not, they'll answer you and try to help you out.
Happy Knitting and check out Alana's work, it's amazing, and after you check it out, you should knit some of it because it will make you feel amazing.


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