Finished Object

Yes it's a baby sweater.
No it's not for me.
Yes I am surrounded by pregnant women.
No these are not for sale.

Now onto the important part :)

Pattern: Puerperium Sweater
Designer: Kelly Booker
Yarn: Happy Feet DK
Size: Newborn to 6 weeks (thus the name)
Happy Meter: off the charts!

Like I posted yesterday, this is an very easy pattern to make and is a great introduction to top down knitting, buttonhole making, increases, knitting in the round (sleeves) and quick gratification since it's small and adorable.

I need to find the buttons for it but there is time for that.......Now I am off to finish my Autumn Vines Beret since the yarn arrived yesterday as well as the yarn for a secret baby gift :)
Happy Tuesday

The baby spiders that were in my car yesterday are still going strong. As I told my friend Kim, it looked as if they had had a party in there during the day and were in fact continuing to do so..........I didn't see them this morning but there were wee baby webs all over the place that I had to take down while getting in the car.


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