Lessons learned: Take 1,458

1. The Hit it Here Cafe @ Safeco field is an awesome place to watch a game!
2. If my Saturday plan includes having to wake up at 7:00 a.m. To do my power 90 workout I should probably limit my beer intake from 7 beers to 3 icey cold beverages...(that sounds reasonable right?)
3. Pitting in the Ghetto at the speedway requires more strategic planning than I managed this week.
4. When packing my knitting for an excursion to a ball park it is helpful if I also pack the pattern and not have 7 beers when I finally find the pattern on my phone.
5. Next time I plan on drinking so much I will plan for it to be on a Saturday night because Sunday is my day of rest.

I am currently at the speedway sitting in Ghetto Jepeto waiting to leave but the late models on are the big track so I can not cross and leave.............

We finished sixth

Happy Saturday

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