My Relationship with....

Spiders is somewhat over the top, even for me. It's contradictory for sure. Bottom line.....they scare the bejeezus out of me, especially the ones that stand on their back legs and charge you? Have you met one? They are the Brown Recluse and they fear nothing and will bite and that bite can cause a nasty infection. I've had spider bites and the pain, swelling, and associated limping (depending on local of the bite) are stunning. They scare me, but here is the contradictory part.

I love watching baby spiders on the move. They've hatched from that teeny tiny egg sac, they've built a protective web and they all huddle in together for a while then a big wind comes and blows them into the shrubs, trees, and unfortunately for them some birds mouths. I love seeing them building their little weblets getting ready to start killing other insects (see I respect that they eat other bugs that I dislike). The 3 baby spiders that set up headquarters in my Ghetto Jepeto are no longer there but I had fun with them. It's when they get big and drop from out of no where that I scream and piddle in my pants a little, paired with running away in an undignified manner.

This morning as I was running up the stairs from the laundry room I was barefoot (of course) and there was a HUGE spider on the steps, HUGE, I tried to get the dogs to eat it but not before I screamed and ran singing into the kitchen 'that is a huge scary spiderrrrrrrr' in my best opera voice. D didn't budge by the way.

Let me put it in perspective. This is how I feel when I see a spider in the house that is big......


kelly said…
lol! My twenty-something-year-old babysitter is scared of spiders, too, and she traps them in bottles and cups and leaves them around the house for me to find. Just what I've always wanted!

Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

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