Once Upon a Time.........

There was a beautiful mother and she had the most Perfect Little Girl (PLG) in the world. Every single day her PLG would make her bed right when she woke, brush her teeth without asking, do her homework perfectly upon returning From school and finish the day practicing her piano beautifully while her watched on beaming at her PLG while sipping a glass of wine..........then The Beautiful Mother woke up from her dream, sighed, tipped back the bottle of wine, asked her not-so-perfect-little-girl to, please make your bed (for the tenth time that that day), do your homework, pick up the dirty clothes (which I did if you call 'shoving them under the bed' picking up), and for the love of Pete please go practice the piano for half an hour at least!
It wasn't perfection, and I was not the easiest of daughters to raise, but I did grow up, I do make my bed everyday and for the most part my laundry does make it back into its proper place after I wash it. Most important of all though is this...............
1. My mom is still the most beautiful woman I know
2. She did more for me growing up than I could ever do for her now (I am trying though)
3. I don't like to share her with anyone, I get cranky if I think my 'mom time' is being threatened (sorry G) but I am getting better at that.......
4. Being adopted I truly believe that her and I were chosen to be together and I think that we've both learned a lot from each other in that regard.
5. There is no one I enjoy just 'being' with than my mom (no offense D it's different with the spouse)

I love you mom and can't wait to see you.......please block out your schedule to accommodate me only (just kidding)
Happy Mothers Day!

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