A Wonderful Day..............

I had a wonderful birthday and from all the birthday wishes I received from friends I would have to say that I am blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people. I spent the day with my best friend and my husband, and we had lunch on the dock looking out over the lake. Delivered much needed DQ Blizzards to my mom and her friends, and ended the night taking a boat ride across Lake Minnetonka to have dinner in Wayzata. I strongly recommend taking a boat to dinner if you get the chance. There is nothing more glorious.......well, there is one thing that is more glorious...........
Watching love blossom and grow.
Now that is a sight to behold.
Happy Birthday to me and than you to everyone in my life because every single one of you made it wonderful, and glorious, and perfect.


Kelly said…
Belated Happy Birthday!

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