Finished Object: Smocked Slouch

What a super fun hat to make! I loved knitting it, I loved the yarn I chose and blah blah blah. I'm sad to say that as much as I love the hat, as much as I love the yarn, and as much as I want to keep it and wear it for myself, it doesn't look good on me, or I personally don't think it looks good on me so I'm giving it to a friend (Brittany) and I think it'll look fabulous on her, have no doubt though, I plan on making another one and another and another. I think they'll make great gifts for friends and family for Christmas! So, without further adieu here are the deets!

Pattern: Smocked Slouch by Knitterella. This is Jill's first pattern and I think it's brilliant
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted.
Colorway: Intenso
Needle size: 7

 Like I said, I loved knitting this. If you haven't tried it yet smocking stitch is tons of fun and not hard at all! There are tons of videos online that will show you how........I've said it before but it's worth repeating. Google is our knitting friend!

Happy Thursday
onto something else :)


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