Finished Object

I finished this on Friday and since it was 70 degrees on Saturday the recipient put it on briefly to see how it fit and that was you get a photo of a hat with my stylish pink plaid pj bottoms in it.........

Pattern: Hermione Hearts Ron by Christy Ayelsworth, Ravelry Link here
Yarn: Cascade 220 (164 yards people I can't stress this enough) in a teal blue usually less than $5.00 p/skein and it really only used 1 skein, talk about a great money saving gift!
Difficulty: I would say it's easy if you have a basic knowledge of cabling, yarn overs and general decreasing, plus as with all knitting knowing how to count goes a long way.....(i only point this out because sometimes I forget)
Anyway, Molly was thrilled and I think it will get a lot of use, especially when her family goes to their mountain cabin in the winter :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend.........


Julie said…
what a fantastic hat!! that's such a great colour too.
Love it! I laughed out loud about the counting bit -- I have the same problem!
Carmelknits said…
Julie: I seem to be leaning toward greens and blues lately for accesories........ @Kelly: Sometimes I'm so far off my counting that I don't even trust my row counter!!

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