It's what I do..........

But I'm pretty sure I only have one in me per year. What am I talking about? Wedding Shawls of course. There is so much thought to be put into it. You need to know the bride fairly well, have an idea what the dress is going to look like and have the patience of a 4 year old during a sliver removal while working with the lace yarn. Then you spend hours pouring thru lace shawl patterns and ask the question triangular or rectangular? Again, this is where it helps to know the bride because not all brides are triangular shawl types and not everyone can pull off a rectangular shawl. I poured over a lot of patterns, even started a few and then decided to do my own thing armed with my book of lace patterns and large number of stitches.This is for my friend Fatima who is getting married this fall. I chose a simple openwork lace with a seed stitch border so that it'll be open and airy and yet not distract from the simple lines of her dress (which is lovely by the way). Alpaca and Silk lace weight yarn, size six needle. it's going to be wide and open and I think perfect..........Stay tuned. I'll write it up as a pattern when it's done and I think it's only fair to say it's going to be called 'Fatima'.

Gabby appears to be past her bout of flu thank goodness. I do worry about the dogs, her especially because she's been the one who is always tearing a ligament, breaking a toe, eating a sock, giving herself a concussion, having teeth pulled etc. So when she gets sick for no reason I panic slightly and start mapping routes to emergency vets while frantically dialing my friend at the Wa. Boxer Rescue who immediately settles me down and tells me it's all going to be okay.


Fatima said…
Awwww, thank you so much sweetie!
I look forward to seeing the shawl and your pattern!

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