One of my current works in progress.
Molly races with my husband on Saturdays and we pit right next to each other. She just turned 16 this past Saturday.
I knew I wanted to make her something but I wasn't sure what it would be until I remembered this pattern
So here are the deets:
Pattern Name: Hermione Hearts Ron by Christy Aylesworth
Inspiration: Hermiones hat in the movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Yarn: Cascade 220 Sport (Remember, it's really not 220 it's really 164) But since the pattern calls for 159 I might just squeak it in under the wire and if that is the case well I know what a lot of people will get for Christmas this year.
Skill Level: I would say advanced beginner. You'll want knowledge of yarn over's, purl 2 together and cabling.
It's an easy repeat to remember and is detailed enough to keep you entertained.

That's it for now. I have recovered from Saturday and had a wonderful dinner with my father and husband last night to celebrate fathers day.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


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