Secret Knitting..........

I know it won't come as a suprise to you, but I have a lot a few (20) items on the needles right now. I would love nothing more than to show them to you, in fact it's killing me not being able to show them off to the world but they are a surprise and therefore must remain Top Secret (except for those of you who get bombarded by emails of progress photos all day long to feed my self need that my knitting is wonderful and love will be showered upon me for the work I have done). I'll give you some teasers though, one of the items is being knit out of Sox that Rock Medium Weight in the color Sweat Pea, last year it was a Rockin Sock Club colorway that this year has been released for public consumption. When it arrived last year with my packet of club goodness I didn't like it. In fact there may have been some downright disgust with it, BUT when I found the pattern that I am making it was that yarn that popped into my mind and I knew it would be perfect. It is perfect and you will all swoon as soon as I show it. You can see the colorway here. It's part of their Spirits Collection. The other yarn I am using is Sprout, an organic cotton in a shade of green that has not been seen since you opened your first box of crayons and discovered GREEN. The color that stands out in it's bright happy glory, giving promise of wonderful new things once you use it. Galapagos Green is the color and I bought it thru Webs online store.
On the other hand I'm going to also be knitting some things for myself including Knitterella's Smocked Slouch out of some beautiful Malabrigo I bought when I was recently home in Minnesota. I think it's going to be lovely.
I'm also knitting a shawl for my friend to wear in her wedding this coming October and struggling over creating one in my head vs. following a pattern.....we're swatching and we'll see what comes from it.
Pcitures of all things listed will come later :) I'm having trouble with that.........

Also, Congratulations to my friend Mindy and her husband Kris on the arrival of Damien. Born Monday at 1:12 p.m. 10lb 1oz 21 1/2 inches long. He is perfect, he is healthy, and as Mindy said 'proof that dreams really do come true'
Congratulations! I can't wait to meet him :)


I'm ready to swoon! Can't wait to see the socks and all the other projects you have going on!

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