Things to remember........

I'm not 22 anymore and that fact has been driven home by the fact that I can't drink beer as well as take a few (6-7) jello shots in a night and not end up at home not feeling 100% ready to take over the world. Currently I am sitting in my dining room eating toast hitting the backspace (erase)button a number of times more than usual. I'm eating toast, cereal would be by normal go to at this point but my milk seems to have gone funky.
lets just put it this way
I drank keg beer tonight out of red plastic cups, something i have done since college.
I did more jello shots than I should  have....
and I am currently blogging
and I drunk texted my friend back in MN when they were playing her song..........Sorry my Brown Eyed Girl!
I answered my phone when I probably shouldn't have (sorry Mikey)
I am happy to say that this is not a typical Saturday night.
well I might try to knit but I think that's out of the question.
Happy 50th Rod. We had a great time.
L, F, K, M, & J......well you know the conversation that Mikey and had.
xoxox everyone.
See you tomorrow.
Back to my Toast :)
Happy Saturday/Sunday!


Megan said…
No worries about the text last night. :) I was awake...didn't reply because I was 'ahem' a little 'busy'. *giggle*

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